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Advantages of


Viceloader reduces wage costs
Viceloader cuts down production expenses and is ecological
Viceloader increases productivity and production capacity
Viceloader makes work more interesting
No specialists for robotics are needed
Viceloader is affordable
Viceloader will improve the quality and stability of production
Viceloader features the quickest return on investment in the automation industry
Viceloader improves occupational safety
Viceloader helps retain the jobs




What does this button do?

Is this not a question your machine operator is daily confronted with? Robotic systems have complicated control in practice and you need extensive training to master the controls. Robotic control manages a limited number of workers only.

The change is here

We defined that any CNC operator should be able to use our Viceloader. That's why we used intuitive and clear control with CNC programming when designing Viceloader. Thanks to this control, the machine can be put into manual mode at any time and opened a safety door for servicing or replacing parts in the magazine.


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