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Viceloader Automation Magazine Composition

magazine composition

Level outfitting


Spacer element

Outfitting of the level for pallets or vices depends on the type of your zero point. The number of positions in a level depends on the size of pallets and vice.


Each level can be equipped for a different zero point type and different size of pallets or vice.

Each rotary magazine level of Viceloader has an identical design upon which the level outfitting is installed.

In case of a multi-level magazine, the spacer elements are used on the column between the levels.

Magazine column

The column with the motor ensures the magazine rotation in the pre-set cycle. Individual equipped levels are mounted to the column. The magazine can be fitted with a maximum of 5 levels.

The Viceloader automation system is delivered with one level fitted depending on your zero point. Further levels are optional.

mgazine level outfitting

Magazine level outfitting

All the automation elements are clamped using clamping pins of various shapes and sizes. The design for the location of automation elements into the equipped level of the rotary magazine made use right of the clamping pins.  

The level is made according to the customer's zero point system and the pallet sizes.

Example of pallet seating into the equipped level.

The same principle also applies in the version for vices.

The magazine level is fitted with holes to accommodate the clamping elements. The holes are equipped with sleeves made of resistant and high-quality plastic. The plastic sleeves protect the clamping pins as well as the seating surfaces of the clamping elements.


Typically magazine level outfitting

18 positions

Level Outfitting for 18 Positions

18 positions per level

up to90 positions/zmagazine

15 positions

Level Outfitting Compatible with Lang Technik Products

Viceloader is convenient for Lang Technik products = 1 level compatible with vices and pallets

Level for:

► automation carrier plate Ø 178 mm

► automation vice Makro•Grip 125

► automation vice Makro•Grip 77

15 positions per level

up to 75 positions/magazine

10 positions

Level Outfitting for 10 Positions

10 positions per level

up to 50 positions/magazine

8 positions

Level Outfitting for 8 Positions

8 positions per level

up to 40 positions/magazine

6 positions

Level Outfitting for 6 Positions

6 positions per level

up to 30 positions/magazine

Level Outfitting for 6 Positions

positions per level

up to 30 positions/magazine

4 positions

Level Outfitting for 4 Positions

4 pozice na patro

up to 20 positions/magazine


Viceloader pallets

We also offer automation pallets for the magazine floor. Here you can find standard types by size. The holes for fastening your vices or clamps are drilled into automation pallets. This drill is carried out by the customer himself, or we can arrange it according to the customer's wishes. (pallets may have multiple holes for different size of vices)

Pallets are avaible standard in two variants, steel or aluminium.

Standard types of pallets:

125 x 200

Viceloader pallet 125 x 200

(with integrated interface NSR100)

Viceloader pallet 200 x 300

Viceloader pallet 200 x 400

Viceloader pallet 300 x 300

Viceloader pallet 300 x 400

Viceloader pallet 400 x 400

200 x 300
200 x 400
300 x 300
300 x 400
400 x 400

Next possible types of pallets are individual on request.

For more informations leave us the message please.

We will answer as soon as possible.

Viceloader team. 

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