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Viceoader-technická data a specifikace

Viceloader is standardly delivered in this version

standardní specifikace



1   Protective safety fencing
2  Standard Viceloader connection board
3  Operation panel
4  Rotary magazine with one level equipped to fit your zero point
5  3x door for easy access into the magazine
6  Wheels for quick movement

Standard Viceloader Specification

Entire system


Dimensions (LxWxH):                                                           2.5 x 1.7 x 2.1 m

Weight:                                                                                         1300 kg

Power supply:                                                                           400V, 50Hz, 16A


Viceloader robot arm

Standard payload:                                                                   up to 120 kg depending on the rotation angle Z (see table)

Position precision:                                                                   +/- 0.05 mm

Number of controlled axes:                                                3

Freely programmable axes:                                                3 (interpolated)

Variable workpiece magazine

Payload:                                                                                       1500 kg

Magazine level diameter:                                                    1158 mm

Maximum diameter of level overhang:                         1380 mm

Magazine position setting:                                                 Freely programmable with a resolution of 0.001°  


The workpiece magazine can be equipped with a maximum of 8 levels.

On customer request, each level can be adapted for pallets, vices or fixtures.


Control system

Full-featured microprocessor CNC control system. Convenient for Industry 4.0!

Number of controlled axes:                                               4 axes

Interpolated axes:                                                                   always 2 axes simultaneously

Virtual linear axis:                                                                    directly programmable horizontal (incremental) movement of the robot arm

Freely programmable outputs:                                         8x relay (24V 1A DC), 

                                                                                                          8x optically separated output (24V 0.5A DC)


Freely programmable inputs:                                            12x (24V DC)     

Analogue inputs/outputs:                                                   4x (0-5V)

Program memory:                                                                   Flash 1 Mb

Display:                                                                                          Graphical-LCD 320x240

Programming language:                                                       ISO G-Code

Interface:                                                                                      RS232, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet     

Inputs and outputs are controllable or loadable directly from the CNC program. Thanks to to this feature, the operator does not need special programming knowledge in order to control and monitor the automatic doors, grippers, and so on, directly from the CNC program


Communication with the automated CNC centre takes place via an M-function. The automated machine must allow its startup by an external signal (pulse), and when the machining process is completed, the machine must be capable of sending a signal with a feedback message (pulse).


The external recording and program management via RS232 is also possible without any problems.



Vysoce kvalitní průmyslové krokové motory a zesilovače s kontrolou polohy od předních evropských výrobců. Veškeré převodovky a součásti pohonů jsou rovněž vysoce kvalitními produkty od evropských výrobců.



Magazine level version as requested by the customer

Pallet/fixture interface as required by the customer

Pallets/fixtures as required by the customer

Rotary unit for the pallet/fixture interface - 90°

Pallet/fixture interface function monitoring

Valve block (for optional pneumatic applications)

Air blow units (to remove impurities and chips generated during machining)

Gripper for direct gripping of a part as requested by the customer

Automatic doors or lateral window for loading into machine

Higher payload

Higher dynamics

Special solution as required by the customer

ovladaci panel

Communication System Connection

Viceloader is equipped with a signal communication cable, the end of which is fitted with a connector (plug) for connection to the CNC machining centre.

The CNC centre has to be fitted with a compatible connector (socket) for wiring.

Type of Mating Connector


Connector type: cable plug 12-10 10P, 62IN 16A 12 10P/624 (made by Amphenol)

CNC centre:

Connector type: cable socket 12-10 l0P, 62IN 16A 12 105/6A 624 (made by Amphenol)

Power cable type (recommended): cable resistant to oils and mechanical stress with a wire section of 0.5 mm2, for example: HYSLYCY-JZ 12 x 0.5

Signal transmission takes place by connecting the potential-separated circuits. Signal 2 (start for Viceloader) is sent using the machine's M-function, which, once activated, trips the control relay on the CNC centre side. This Signal 2 is maintained active until Signal 1 is received (CNC centre start). The other pins are used for optional functions.

Layout of individual connector pins:

Signal cable wiring diagram:

The actual installation of the automation system to your CNC centre

is preceded by an inspection of M-Functions for correct connection. This inspection

is carried out using a Test-box that evaluates the ready state of communication.

Installation plan

(lateral view)

(top view)

Loading into Magazine/Machine

(top view)

(lateral view)

Designation of Arm Movement Angles

(lateral view)

(top view)

Table of unloading depending on the arm turning angle and load

*The times are for reference only; they depend on the machining program and the position of the pallet or vice in the magazine.

handling interface sys

The Full Function of the Viceloader

Automation System Requires the Following:

(it is used for connecting the pallet, vice and Viceloader)
 (it is used to fix the pallet or vice in the CNC centre)

1. Handling interface system

The handling interface is installed in Viceloader's handling panel to allow the handling of vices and pallets. If you do not have your own system, we offer the following external clamping solutions:

A. For workpieces of smaller sizes, we offer a solution compatible with the Schunk NSR 100 system;   

       it is composed of a fixture fixed to Viceloader's connection board and a clamping pin on each pallet.

(clamping pin fixed to the pallets)
(fixture fixed to Viceloader)

B. For workpieces of larger sizes, we offer a solution compatible with the Schunk NSR 160 system;      

       it is composed of a fixture fixed to Viceloader's connection board and a clamping pin on each pallet.

(fixture fixed to Viceloader)
(clamping pin fixed to the pallets)

C. Handling interface forks compatible with the Lang system.


(forks fixed to Viceloader)
(slots in the pallets or vices)

D. We can select and offer a solution as requested by the customer!

Connection board
that the handling interface
is installed to

Standard Viceloader Connection Board

The end of the Viceloader arm accommodates the part that is referred to as the connection board.

The handling interface is installed to this connection board.

(front view)
(rear view)
(lateral view)
vidlicovy podavac

Interface Compatible with Lang Technik Products

We developed a special interface for users of the Lang Technik product – the Viceloader fork feeder.

Viceloader Fork Feeder

Viceloader is very beneficial with the Lang Technik products

The same level for pallets and vices

The same interface for pallets and vices

Sys nuloveho bodu

2. Zero Point System

A necessary part for the automation of your CNC centre is an automatically controlled fixture with a zero point. This zero point system can be used to make automatic repeated and precise clamping in the CNC machining centres. In most cases, the clamping is carried out by pneumatic and mechanical fixtures, that is, the holding force is induced by the spring force. Unclamping takes place by the action of compressed air.

Viceloader is capable of working with all zero point types. There are many of them.

Some of them are shown below:

Clamping can take place by two possible methods:

A. Zero point control system via the CNC centre

B. Zero point control system via the Viceloader automation system

Viceloader allows for both methods of automatic clamping of the zero point.

For more informations leave us the message please.

We will answer as soon as possible.

Viceloader team. 

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