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Viceloader, a flexible automation system, is intended for handling fixtures and workpieces from the magazine to the processing machine table, e.g. to exchange workpieces for CNC machining centres. It is a universal automation system for processing machines deployed in various industries. In combination with a processing machine, Viceloader forms one unit.


Viceloader can be connected to a machine from the front or lateral side without occupying the access space for the machine operator. Viceloader can be combined with virtually any technology in the area of production.


Viceloader application allows for an extreme increase in productivity of the machine automated by Viceloader. Worker fits the magazine with the fixtures with workpieces when the machine is operating. The magazine has such a capacity that the machine is capable of operating individually without being serviced in any manner for several hours or for the entire shift. In this period of time, the worker can fulfil different tasks. In this manner, one operator can control up to 6 machines at a time. Working in the full shifts or in weekends without any employees will be possible now. This results in a drastic reduction of direct costs. Viceloader will fully recover its costs within a few months lending a helping hand in the crisis periods by reducing the number of workers and ensuring a smooth production process


Viceloader is placed next to the machine to be automated and the power cable and communication cables are connected. All of this is a simple task for one worker without any handling gears or complex interconnection with compressed air systems, etc. Subsequently, fit the magazine with the fixtures to the workpieces. Once started, the manipulator picks the fixture with the workpiece from the magazine to transfer them into the CNC machine centre that is equipped with an available zero point system. Once machined, the fixture with the workpiece are placed back into the magazine for the entire process to be repeated without any operators.


The mechanical design of the Viceloader mobile automation system is simple and its maintenance is easy. It is composed of a basic frame, manipulator, magazine, control unit and metal sheet jacket depending on the variant. Viceloader is protected by several patents.

The actual innovation is the manipulator. Special parallel kinematics allow for precise handling of heavy loads in a minimum space. Man-made movement analysis played the main role in the manipulator development procedure.




The Viceloader's manipulator is therefore largely predominant over common industrial robots and linear handling devices as far as the need for space and payload are concerned. At the same time, it is more economical and it offers easier programming.

Ovládací panel automatizace Viceloader
Viceloader  rameno automatizace

A freely programmable full-featured CNC control is used for the control. This allows for simple programming of all tasks. Everyone who can operate a CNC centre is capable of setting Viceloader.


The necessary training time is 2 - 4 hours.

Připojení Viceloaderu a DMG 635V


With its flexibility and simplicity, Viceloader is an ideal mobile solution for production automation from the production batch of 2 pieces up to extensive batches.

Owing to the fact that Viceloader is equipped with a full-featured CNC control system, it can be programmed very easily. It is the customer's responsibility to assure adaptation to the machine to be automated. As compared to industrial robots, the installation requires no special knowledge.

There is no need to purchase any special clamping devices for Viceloader; all the existing clamping devices and fixtures can be used with Viceloader without the need for any complex modifications.

Viceloader markedly reduces direct costs, so it will recover its price within several months.

Instalace Viceloaderu ke stroji DMG

Viceloader is the only complete mobile solution for automation in the market. In this manner, Viceloader can always be utilised directly with the machine to be used. This can save high investment costs (machines needs do not need to be equipped with their own automation system).

Owing to the manipulator with parallel kinematics, Viceloader can be placed next to the machine without preventing access to the machine to be automated.

Viceloader is extremely compact (it occupies the area of 3 Euro-pallets). This enables it to be used in small-sized workshops as well. If not in actual use, it can be put out of operation in a simple manner.

Viceloader is completely driven by electricity; there is no need for compressed air or hydraulics. The energy consumption is minimal.

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